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Welcome to Bohuslän and Bohusläns Climbing Club!

It is not only the old stonemasons who love the famous red granite of Bohuslän. Known for its clean crack climbs and the beautiful scenery in this coastal region, climbers have been travelling to this area for over forty years. Bohuslän is one of the most well-known climbing areas in Scandinavia and, despite its popularity, still has a pristine and adventurous feeling to it!

Bohusläns Klätterklubb (BKK) is a climbing club based in in Brodalen in Lysekil’s municipality with a club hut in Bärfendal and indoor climbing in Brodalen and Uddevalla.
We are 400+ members in the club and we are committed to maintain and develop the climbing in Bohuslän. 


We are happy that the climbing in Bohuslän is so popular but is has also made access to the crags a hot topic. Most crags have private land owners and as the number of climbers increase,  our future climbing is dependant on how we behave at and around the crags.

Before going to a crag it is important that you check out the current access information of the specific crag. This link takes you to The Swedish Climbing Federation’s common site for Access information where this can be found. Scroll down to the search function (”Sök klätterområde”), key in the crag, check out the information and make sure you follow the instructions.  At some crags there are signs giving local information about the approach, parking, road access payment, etc..

Please always keep a low and quiet profile, park according to the instructions and make sure you pay the road fee, if any. You might need to have some cash available (20kr). Also don’t leave anything behind (including toilet matters!)

And make sure you know the right and wrongs of the Swedish right of public access:

Getting here 

Bohuslän climbing areas can be reached from Gothenburg and Oslo by longhaul bus to Torp, Uddevalla and further by Västtrafik towards Lysekil and Smögen to Hallinden/Brodalen/Bärfendal.

The closest airports are Landvetter in Gothenburg and Gardemoen north of Oslo.


Club hut

Bohusläns Climbing Club has a hut in Bärfendal which is a meeting place for the club’s members and visiting climbers. The house itself has 12 bed spaces in the loft, a cosy living room area with open fire and a communal kitchen area. The kitchen is equipped with two electric stoves, a refrigerator and a washing up area. There is a large garden surrounding the house with lots of tent space. Outside there is a toilet, outdoor sink, tables, a roof under which cooking can be done, and electricity. All stay overs is on a first come first serve basis and space can hence not be reserved in advance..
NOTE: the water at the house has been deemed undrinkable due to high radon levels. Drink at your own risk!

There is no cash payment at the hut. Payment shall be done at Tempo in Brodalen. Keep the receipt!  Payments will be checked now and then. See Fees and payment methods  here

Directions to the club hut.

Camping and overnight stay over shall be avoided close to the crags, including the crag parkings (e.g. Vans). Established campings and van-parkings are strongly recommended. See more info and links in the Swedish page Husbil och vanlife camping.

Other accomodation 
See the Swedish page Andra boenden

Indoor climbing

The club has two indoor climbing halls, a boulder hall with gym in Brodalen and a small wall and small boulder area in Uddevalla.

Day-pass tags to BroBoulder can be bought in the nearby shop Tempo in Brodalen. 

More information about the indoor climbing, opening hours, fees, etc can be found in the Swedish pages: Bro Boulder and Rimnershallen. 

At Tempo you can also buy climbing gear and guide books. 

Club Membership

If you want to support the climbing development in Bohuslän and join us in club activities, join us as a member of the club!

See more information here.


Emergency number in Sweden: 112