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Klubbresa till Uk, Peak distrikt och norra Wales

Have you ever wanted to climb in Britain?
Gritstone, limestone, shale, quarzite, Stanage, Millstone, Froggatt, Gogarth, Llanberis,…let’s go!
The x-local Charlie French will guide us to his very best crags and mountains.

Time: 1-9 July, alternative dates within the range is ok. 

We will arrange car hire and hut accomodation and you book the journey getting there. It is possible to go by train, as well as by air from e.g. Got or Oslo. Estimate a budget of about 6000sek each to cover flights, car hire and accommodation.

Contact Charlie for more information asap and no later than 31 May.
‘charles.m.french@gmail.com’, Phone +46 768268550

Come and join us for a horizon expanding trip!

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